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Foreign imports aren’t damaging England’s chances

Country’s sporting talent spread too thinly

The forgotten theatres of war

Although the fighting in France and Belgium dominates the popular imagination of World War I, important British campaigns took place all across the globe

Strike hard, strike sure

RAF Bomber Command was the only means Britain had of striking back at Nazi Germany for a long time – but the loss of life was substantial

Football and science combine to teach kids physics

New project involving Arsenal players

Northern lights

Almost 17,000 people witnessed Spennymoor Town’s 2-1 victory over Tunbridge Wells in the FA Vase final on Saturday May 4, 4500 of them having made the journey from County Durham. The Moors had won three consecutive Northern League titles, and taking the Vase home should prove more than consolation enough for having missed out on […]

The complete guide to DNA for family historians

Gene testing can provide a useful supplement to genealogical records or family history legends in researching our ancestry, in both the near and distant past

Pinpoint-accurate print cuts through the digital noise

The strength of printed marketing collateral is in its ability to target a very specific audience and make them take notice, unlike so many digital rivals

US denies safe haven to Mexico’s drug war refugees

World Refugee Day 20 June: US denies safe haven to Mexico’s drug war refugees

Mining for information

Christopher White discovers an ancestor’s fatal tale of heroism in a local industrial accident

How do you learn about electricity… if there’s no power?

The complex equipment needed to teach physics means that in poor parts of Africa, the subject is entirely theoretical. Christopher White meets the people using Meccano and dice to help bring science to life