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How do you learn about electricity… if there’s no power?

The complex equipment needed to teach physics means that in poor parts of Africa, the subject is entirely theoretical. Christopher White meets the people using Meccano and dice to help bring science to life

The rise of corporate-sponsored stadiums

We’ve come a long way from football grounds being named for their local industrial links.

Teaching science

Physicists don’t want to teach biology and chemistry? Get them to teach maths instead, suggests Christopher White

The smell of commerce

Does the subtle hint of coffee make you more likely to buy a cup? Does the aroma of piña colada cause parents to linger in toy shops? Christopher White gets a sniff of the companies using smell to sell

Changing man

Four years ago, this man was a drug dealer. Now he’s about to graduate from Cambridge. Prison turned his life around, he tells Christopher White

The hardest lock to break

Forget ultra-secure safes and mathematical keys, the best way to protect our most valuable data is by using quantum mechanics. Christopher White explains.